Keeping Kids Safe Online

(Family Features) A cyberbully is a minor who uses the Internet, phone or other digital device to post hurtful messages or images to another minor.

Parry Aftab, executive director of the charity that runs says, “They do it by posing as each other, stealing or misusing their passwords, stealing points in online games. They call each other names, or send offensive messages to their friends while impersonating them. They even take embarrassing pictures of others and post them online.?

Cyberbullying affects children as young as seven and up through high school.

The most important thing parents can do to protect children is to monitor computer and Internet usage. “Knowing you are watching, kids are less likely to put themselves in risky situations and you can safely oversee negative or dangerous behaviors,?says Aftab.

For more cybersafety tips, visit or For a fun and safe place for kids to play online, visit

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